The Man Shop Proudly Presents
The Spokane County Interstate Fair
2nd Annual 2016 Beard Contest

Check out The Man Shop's Beard Day at the Fair on Fri, Sept. 9th!

Man Shop Gift Card Giveaways throughout the day
½ price Fair admission for all bearded people after 6pm
The Live Beard Contest at 6:30pm
Attempt to break the World Record for “Longest Beard Chain” following the Live Beard Contest


The People Have SPOKEN!

A big thank you to all who voted and entered the 2nd Annual Beard Contest brought to you by The Man Shop and the Spokane County Interstate Fair.
The voting period has ended, but the FUN is just beginning! Watch the Beard Contest judged LIVE at the SCIF on Friday, September 9th, 6:30pm on the Main Stage. See for yourself who is crowned the Bearded Champion, and cheer on your FAVORITE contender.

Congratulations to our Top Bearded Finalists!

Longest Beard:
1st) Shane Cork
2nd) Steven Kirk
3rd) Pat Walker
4th) Mike Norton
5th) Samuel Lebcock
Sean Spangler (Alternate)

Best Beard/Mustache Combo:
1st) Mark Upmeyer
2nd) Nathan B
3rd) Ben Tzion Beard Co.
4th) Andrew Larson
5th) Philip Staggs
James Burton (Alternate)
Most Colorful Beard:
1st) Will Rauch
2nd) Derek Dittrich
3rd) Vern Cox
4th) DeAndre Lester
5th) Victor Dailey
Chris Miller (Alternate)

Best Homemade Beard:
1st) Lemyn Welliver
2nd) Kayla Bond
3rd) David Mendoza

Longest Beard

Just like it sounds. Extra long, naturally-grown beards ---- Sorry, no styling aids allowed.

Best Beard/Mustache Combo

Naturally grown beard & `stache. Styling aids allowed for mustache only.

Most Colorful Beard

Facial hair only, sorry, the hair on your head doesn't count. Get creative and show your true colors.

Best Homemade Beard

So your Mom wants to enter? Or maybe you just can't grow your own beard. Enter here, and make your own!


1st place   $250 cash and a $25 gift card to The Man Shop

2nd place   $50 gift card to The Man Shop and a Man Shop t-shirt

3rd place   $25 gift card to The Man Shop

Join the 2016 SCIF Beard Contest. Stay updated.



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